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Perma banned for something, I didn't do

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Hi - maybe I can get an answer here. 4 weeks ago I went to a LAN party to play HoN with 2 friends. 

One of them told me, that he owns several silver accounts with low mmr that he got for leaving games etc. 

We then started playing 3-man queue. Normal games, no griefing or anything, as I don't do this kind of stuff. 

Suddenly ALL of our accounts got banned. Not only the accounts of my friend, but also my accounts and the accounts of my other friend. Appealing these bans led to nothing and I don't know, why all 3 of us got punished for something that me and my friend weren't even part of. Some time later we were able to play again and today we got banned out of the blue again. My friend (the innocent one) appealed his ban some hours ago and was told he is perma banned for Stat manipulation and ban evasion, which is simply not true. 


I have over 10k games and Hon is the only vidya I play, I think it is super unfair to ban people that literally did nothing wrong. I can't even create a new account, since you banned either my router or my Mac address.... 

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