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hi, as a kinda ordinary novice in mobas (handiest experience being a couple years in lol, didn't get without a doubt excessive even no matter that, the average silver/gold pleb), how tough will it be for me to get into hon and the way hard/long of a gaining knowledge of curve could there be? and additionally, what guides are there that would help in that regard?

also, how lively would the servers be? are there 30+ minute queues watching for a suit, or is it nevertheless energetic enough to maintain a decent amount of fits?

oh, and every other thing - what heroes could you suggest considering i used to be a draintank/battlemage form of participant in lol (publish-transform swain changed into my foremost for those which have performed it as nicely)  https://9apps.ooo/

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I haven't played Lol, but since you've played HoN in the (far) past and also know DotA2, I don't think it will be too much pain to get back into HoN. Heroes, items and the map surely changed over the years, however I think if you just look through all the items and heroes once (either in a practice game or via the the web), you should be fine rather quickly.
Biggest problem people complain about are other players and I guess you're already used to them 😉.

HoN (apparently) has some queue-time problems in higher brackets. However until you get there (which you might never get), queue times are pretty short. I don't think I had many games when I had to wait more than 5 minutes with a 2 player queue. But I've read that single-player-queues can take a bit longer.

Since I have no idea about LoL, I can't really compare or suggest heroes.

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Yeah you don't wait long at all, it's fast.

You'll probably get flamed because you'll start at a rank that first of all is in the middle of the pack and then generally above average due to the fact that many smurfs start out/play in high silver/low  gold. 

But there are ways to mitigate that and just have fun in the game. Play relatively easy heroes (those with few stars in the hero guide), play support heroes so the game doesn't depend on your carry capacity and play a few heroes so you learn some. 

Hardest part in joining any moba nowdays is the maturity of the scene in terms of heroes and their item selection. 
But for that there are again "guides" (though nobody really knows how they are made anymore) that tell you what items to pick.

I think there even was a way to see what skills to pick.

Most people are pretty chill though and if you place some wards and play a support people are generally just happy for it. 

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First of all, it's good that there are still new players. I myself was a new player until recently. For a long time I didn't understand how all heroes work and that was my problem. I am currently playing Midwars - it all happens more intensely there and I have learned how each hero works individually. Toxic players don't care - especially if they play for years and are on a similar level to me - that's ridiculous.

I started my game with PLague Rider and Swift Blade - these are good heroes to start with.

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