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Caveat, this is a one-person effort by me, so the list is very vulnerable to my biases. I only see what happens in my own games, and it's also been a really long time since I played a MW tournament game.

Only ranking the above average heroes because for some reason the Tier List Maker website does not allow me to add more tiers. I'm sure it used to allow me to do this, so it must be a recent bug. Heroes are not sorted within tiers, although I've made an effort to put similar heroes together. 



1. As long as Flux is supported with AoE ultimates, I think the hero is tier 0. Even something as simple as Flux + Hellbringer + 3 average heroes suffices to beat most lineups, (assuming equal skill + you play around the AoE ultimates). The only way to stand a chance is with multiple heroes from tier 1. Without support from AoE ultimates Flux is a lot weaker, around tier 4.

2. MoA and Klanx are the strongest ranged carries. Flint could be up there with them, or ranked similarly to Tarot; I have not seen the hero often enough to tell but leave him here as a nod to how often he's banned. I used to rank Tarot at roughly the same level, but she's consistently underperformed expectations of a god tier hero. I still think Tarot is slightly better than her peers in tier 2, but not by a lot.

3. Pearl, Rhapsody and Artesia are the best supports. Artesia is a bit unusual here, but her healing output is very strong, and the ability to suddenly switch to damage mode when healing isn't necessary is also powerful. Furthermore her ultimate cools down very quickly which means it's not really feasible to pick moments when her ultimate isn't available to force fights. There's a significant drop between these three and the next tier of supports. 

4. I don't think there's much to separate the big four nukers (Thunderbringer, Pyro, Ellonia and Torturer). Torturer clearly scales the worst, but he's also the strongest of the four in the early-game. Thunderbringer's ability to counterward in the late-game is very valuable, not that his late-game damage output is poor of course. Pyro can semi-carry, Ellonia's nukes slow. They're all really good heroes and picking any of them is strong. 

5. I think Vindi is slightly better than Defiler, but only slightly.

6. Obviously hook frontline is better than non-hook frontline. Gauntlet is the worst hook both because he tapers off the fastest, and also because his hook has the shortest range; in fact Gauntlet is so much worse I currently have him in tier 4. I think Devo is slightly better than Prisoner, but again only slightly. Most of the other frontliners in tier 2 are all almost as good as each other. Pebbles deserves a spot in tier 2 because once he has PK he's also one of the most reliable initiators who doesn't need to wait for cooldowns, as well. Gladiator is the only one that stands out as being slightly weaker than his peers. It's possible he should move down; he still however has strong strengths that make me keep him in tier 2.

7. In tier 3, Nymphora stands out as the only healer (aside from the big three) that can keep up with heavy harass. However, she tapers off quickly and her other skills aren't very good. It's nice to have a decent staff effect to boost teammates with in the late-game, but its use is really quite limited. Jera would probably be tier 2 if his ultimate cooled down faster; as it is he's already countered by Sand Scepter & Nullfire Blade. Chronos is here because he's a reliable initiator whenever he has ult; however he contributes little beyond that so if he moves tiers it's probably down. Circe is here because of how confusing it is to play against a well-played Circe. Empath is here because her staff effect is so good (effectively get two Staff effects for the price of one). Her ability to defend your carry against the likes of Spiked Bola and Sheepstick, while utilizing those items herself, is also a powerful advantage. 

8. Notably there's Plague Rider, Riftwalker, Myrmidon, Parallax and Qi all in tier 3 while Hellbringer is tier 2. This rating I am not completely sure about; however Hellbringer ulti is very strong (c.f. combo with Flux), better than Riftwalker/PR. He also has more AoE skills than Plague, scales better than Riftwalker, and is more reliable (he can nuke from range) than Parallax. Qi is the hero I am least sure about since I don't play him much; his ability to scale into a late-game autoattack carry seems strong but he doesn't contribute stuns or slows in the early-game and his ultimate is underwhelming.

9. Blacksmith deserves his own mention because of his uniqueness. The standard build with him seems to be to get Jade Spire and then fish for multicasts; if you get it then you can initiate. Blacksmith also scales well into the late-game with Staff. He is still very single-target, but he's outperformed often enough for me to put him here.

10. Finally there's the average tier, tier 4. One could argue for a lot of these heroes to move up or down, but if they move up they'd be on the weaker end of tier 3, and if they move down they'd be on the stronger end of tier 5. It is possible Predator should move up because his W in the early-game is effectively god mode, and he outcarries many other heroes in the late-game (his Staff effect is powerful as well). However he's still very single-target, and Spiked Bola / Geometer's Bane are soft counters. It's possible Hag should move up because having an innate blink makes her much more threatening against enemy ranged carries, but she's still got no stun and weak slow. Shellshock could potentially move up because of his harass ability, but if the enemy are able to deal with harass (i.e. they have Nymph/Rhaps/Pearl/Artesia) then he's pretty mediocre. Geomancer is slightly weaker than Magmus so if he moves tiers (and he's certainly already on the weak side of tier 4) it's probably down.

The best heroes not rated are probably Rally, Adrenaline (one could feasibly argue Adrenaline deserves to be tier 4), Night Hound (AoE silence is strong), Ravenor (great carry if you make it to very late-game, but takes too many items to be good), Riptide, Solstice (ult too hard to use), Sir Benzington, Revenant, Tundra, and Nitro.

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Your list also are not full of heroes. Apex/Adrenaline/Golden/Xemplar Veil are missing. Tarot icon is also not upgrated

i'm fine as long i played the heroes i wanted. Not care much if hes strong or weak.


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1 hour ago, w3wstarboy said:

Your list also are not full of heroes. Apex/Adrenaline/Golden/Xemplar Veil are missing. Tarot icon is also not upgrated

i'm fine as long i played the heroes i wanted. Not care much if hes strong or weak.


As I wrote in the second paragraph: "Only ranking the above average heroes because for some reason the Tier List Maker website does not allow me to add more tiers."

Apex/Adrenaline/Goldenveil/Xemplar etc are all below average. Tarot icon is the one that's available on Tier List Maker. If you want the newer icon feel free to update the tier list maker icons.

@Mr`Cactus thanks, will correct.

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