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HON64 para linux

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8 hours ago, ridkv said:

Existe cliente para linux?

The "obsolete" client is already 64-bit. It is really good imo if you can make it work on your system. Just a heads up that you should disable shadows in the video settings otherwise you will get a shadow bug that makes the game completely dark. And you have to disable "Sync to Vblank" in your NVIDIA settings if you are using that because you will be framerate capped to your refresh rate. You will find it in the program "NVIDIA X Server Settings". You have to tick and untick this everytime you startup your computer (probably a bug).




Secondly, I recommend getting GameMode. You can get that by just typing in the terminal sudo apt install gamemode. Helps out with performance a slight bit IMO.



Also, you can get HoN64 through WINE using DXVK. It runs pretty good there BUT the problem is just that you will still encounter the infamous "AoE lag" which I haven't encountered at all on the Linux client. I went back to the Linux client since the HoN64 client on WINE sometimes freezes up for no reason.

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