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Basic suggestion, change his Q to make more viable for early game and nerf his E for the late game:


Q - Activate to charge doctor repulsor's next attack with energy and reset his attack cooldown. When charged, next attack deals 100/150/200/250 extra magic damage around the target and applies a -30% movement speed for 1/1,5/2/2,5 seconds to the target.

E - Passively create a Contraption at Doctor's Repulsor location every time he casts a spell. The contraption explodes when enemy get close to it, dealing 40/55/60/75 magic damage to enemies around the contraption.


This hero is really weak at early game, and too strong in late game. This changes would make him more balanced for fulltime

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Since when does a normal Doctor bring the game to late-game. He can still use items while flying, he still has frantic farm potential. He's just a killing machine and if he has weaknesses that's good. We already have at least 5 heroes whose "weaknesses" exist only on the forum.

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