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heroes of newerth put on steam?

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The topic has been brought up so many times in the past.

At the time it was initially considered, it was not financially feasible for Garena because Valve takes a significant portion of profits if you use their service. This option just gets financially worse as time continues to elapse, not to mention that the efficacy of obtaining new players is also diminishing over time as the MOBA genre has already been saturated since a few years ago. 

Finally, being on Steam does not mean you get a reasonable return in the game's player growth. See: Strife (and how the game died even though it has been on Steam for years). And yes it actually did die, there are close to 0 players playing that game (if not actually 0).

As far as I can tell, HoN will not be on Steam in the foreseeable future. From my personal standpoint, it never will be. 


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I mean, at this point you might as well just do it, right?

I'm guessing on a good day, the US/EU crowd stands strong at MAYBE 2k players.


I just can't see Garena making enough money off of the remaining players, that you are losing out huge chunks of profits by going to Steam.

And if it can spark life into the game, why not?


Granted, I have no idea how Garena does things, or what is the most optimal way of going about this, but still to me it seems like a no-brainer if the transition isn't too complex.


I'd like to see some new spark into the game, but when even a patch is getting delayed for this long, it does kind of feel grim :(.


At the same time I'd like to thank you Elementuser for putting so much time and effort into it all.

If anything has come from this, it's that you are the true champion of newerth :P.

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Garena HoN did everything good, until the Thai King death. And when EU take back the lead of the balance design, it split into two version of FoC.

Also the community in SEA is weak, they dont use twitch or discord to connect people. And tik tok just appear recently. I dont use tik tok or discord also because i'm old and i dont feel like i need those.

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