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Any Rhyme or Logic with votebans?

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Obvious if two people vote for the same hero it will get banned, if every other hero has just one vote, right?

But how are the bans picked by the system between those with 1 vote?

First come first serve?
Weights on votes? 1:st vote vs 2:nd vote vs 3:rd vote so on? 


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This was in 4.6, the total numbers of vote/bans got increased since then but i guess the method stays the same:

New Picking Mode: Ranked Pick

+ Ranked Pick is our new competitive picking mode. This mode allows everyone on your team to have an influence on Hero Bans and Hero Picks, and does not restrict that influence to the player with the highest Rank on your team. Because of its pick mode mechanics, Ranked Pick encourages teamwork and strategic drafting to maximize your team's synergy and counter the opponent's hero picks and strategies.

Banning Phase
- The game starts with 20 seconds for every player to vote for Blind Banning heroes.
*Each player only has 2 votes.
*A player may choose to make 0 votes or 1 vote if they wish.
*Players can only see their own votes.

- After all Blind Bans are made or until the timer expires, the game bans the top 4 heroes that have the most votes for being Blind Banned.
*No indication of how many votes were made for each hero are given to players.

- If 4 heroes with the most votes for being Blind Banned cannot be chosen because of ties, then the game chooses randomly between the ones that require a tiebreaker.
*e.g. There is a 3-2-2-1-1-1 distribution for Blind Ban votes. The game will select the 3-2-2 heroes and take one of the heroes with 1 Blind Ban randomly for the 4th hero.

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4 hours ago, Ondis said:

makes sensew thats what I thought. Probably good to increase the ban choices then at the start even though the number of bans remains the same. 

This was already done in a recent patch. There is a sufficient number of votes and bans now. 

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