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Moira - Ultimate "Arcane Vortex"

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Hello ,

why buffs and debuffs timer freeze on Moira Vortex, but skills and items do not freeze?

I noticed that Moira Ultimate is freezing and stop the timer for heroes buffs and debuffs,

for example if an enemy hero opens his shrunken and I want to waste the immunity effect timer by throwing him on Moira ultimate, it does not work ?

or predator W grants magic immunity for him for 6 sec why I can't cut down from this time while predator on Moira ultimate?
and the same concept for cutting down the time for debuffs timer on ally heroes.

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That's just how the skill works. There's no particular reason for it, its usage with these mechanical behaviours dictate how it should be used.


Often time, the team with Moira uses this in an advantageous manner.

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