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Hello,my good Newerthians!And happy 10 years of fun,flame,anger,dedication,inspiration,and most importantly - wicked sick plays!
Since this is my first post - I just wanted to thank everyone involved in the sheer existence of this game.I have been around for a long time and I am personally thankful for this game,as it helped me with depression,anxiety and overall well-being.
So enough with this mumbo jumbo - here is the main topic

I don't know about you,but I love the old days with the old soundtrack.I was looking to find if I could download it in high quality from somewhere,but the only place I found was to rip it off at low quality from youtube,which is not satisfying enough on my headphones.Is there any chance I can ask on of you,fellow Newerthians,to share with me a decent quality of the hero selection music


Thank you in advance!
and GG WP ofc ?

p.s. also - if any of you,developers,is thinking what should make us,players,happy - PUT IT BACK IN THE MAIN MENU SOUNDTRACK! ?

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