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Showing Muted/Ignored Status In Picking/Gaming Phase

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I am pretty sure everyone had experienced that they call their lane at picking phase and then suddenly someone is just running to your lane. The main reason for that sometimes you mute/ignore that player before and you have no idea that you muted him in picking phase. My suggestion is to implement some kind of design on player icons in picking phase so that we will know that they are muted or not. This will prevent misunderstanding and miscommunication in picking phase.

What do you think guys?

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I feel it's already too twitchy with people insta calling lanes and then not thinking about heroes. But I agree with you too when it comes to this issue. 
Plus "calls" aren't part of the game rules per se and a lot of people like myself don't even like them.   Also limiting it to bot-top-mid doesn't explain the extra aspects of jungle, roam, suicide, support or not etc. 

I don't think it can be done. 

Try to unmute people maybe at the start of the game and then mute them again if they get annoying? 

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