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MW -- Double Bans Again

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Would it be possible to do a trial run of 4 bans / person for MIDWARS mode.

Just too many heroes that are good in FoC that we can't utilize in mw as much. When you doubled last time from 1 ban to 2,  we have seen a crazy better experience... Would like to increase again and test if possible. 

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Many of the same heroes would get banned originally & It would force people to play other heroes that are not considered "OP". 

This, over time, would cause players to get better with new heroes. the new "OP" heroes should start to get banned, leaving the old open again. 

I believe increasing the bans would increase different hero compositions, and make the game more fun for all. Forcing others to learn and play new heroes, along with trying out new compositions.

I think even increasing the bans to 3 could help decrease the amount of time it takes to learn the game and all that comes with it. The faster the game is learned, the faster the players can play better, and HAVE FUN!  

Appreciate all of the hard work you do for this game, and taking the time to respond to my original post @ElementUser. If there is anything I can ever help with from a midwars perspective, I would be happy to help you and the game however I can.


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There is no good answer for this Gucci.

Every game will have an arguable Tier List that will change based on the parameters of the game.
Some picks will be more viable for MW than FOC as well as Items.

The is most prevalent in Fighting Games.  So what they do is change up tweaks in each season.
There was a time when Engineer was top tier in MW.  Riot Games does the same thing but even more often.
To get players to rotate between other heroes they significantly buff and nerf abilities and stats.

I see two problems with Bans.
#1 Lotta people fall asleep during this phase, how often do you see a smart counter pick or a great last pick? especially if you solo.
People pick whatever they want, hardly ever for solid win reasons, so they're already picking what they think is fun whether its fun to play or fun to win.
but the banning portion, even I myself fall asleep half the time and could care less what gets banned because having a competent team plays such a bigger part in winning.  My point is, many times people don't even pick well for themselves, let alone make smart bans.  It's a bleak outlook but it's true.

#2 Let's say I have my eye on a hero I really want to play, I play Vindicator a lot, cuz I think I play him better than most Randoms I team with.
I want to get rid of Behemoth because his range and his ability to interrupt most fights.
I want to get rid of Flux because he puts me in places of the fight where I don't want to be.
But then after my smart bans my hero gets banned by someone else,  so what was the point?

If your argument is all about the general consensus of OP heroes.  I think a static Ban would hurt the game too.
Lots of casual gamers don't like playing against a Devo/Pris hook type team to the point bad devo players will pick devo just so the other team cant have him.
While I argue that Devo teams early game is a double edge that can be countered with good early AOE spells,  Ello, rift, tort.  Every time devo gets a hook, the team converges and have a window to turn the fight.  So it actually becomes equitable to let someone get hooked.

There's plenty of times where the game almost feels ruined because an artillery, Flint, Tarot, Klanx, MOA got too big too soon.
Same goes for a really Good Parallax, Tort, Armma, Deadlift, Bramble.
Then you got teams who queue together and pick wombo-combos, rift, flux, plague, shell, calamity.
Or even worse, 4 - 5 healer team and just run people over. 

However, everyone has been bullied by this, and everyone has been on a team whose overcome this.
So ultimately there is not a good solution.  All you can do is team up with friends and come up with more creative 5 man synergy teams.
The fun really depends on both teams being competent.   Its no fun losing games, but it's also unsatisfying to beat teams that hardly fought back.


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I don't know man. You guys turned this casual fun mode into something very passive.  And I get it,  people get better at stuff and meta changes because its adapt or die. 

I'd rather change midwars to incentivize more forward movement  in some way but that might be too big of an investment for the company at this stage and might not be to you mid-wars players liking too much? I don't know? 

An idea that would probably need some serious feedback that just popped into my head is to add a friendly creep at both sides water edge that yields a lot of gold if killed but that is immune to magic? 

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We're not going to add this many more bans for Mid Wars. Maybe +1 per player if anything, or we make the mechanic a voting one similar to Ranked Pick, but that's all.


The Mid Wars ban system is very unlikely to change at this point. Try making another suggestion thread with a different approach & perspective to changing the ban system other than just changing quantity and we might have a better discussion.

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