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Sweet Songkran Silence

If you're anything like me, then there's nothing you dread more than queuing up for a nice, relaxing game of Mid Wars only to see someone pick Shellshock with his lovely Songkran skin that will vomit an annoying voice line into the lane every 10 seconds for the entirety of the game.

This mod was made to ameliorate the damage dealt to my ears by certain loud and obnoxious Songkran skins with especially spammable spells (mainly Adrenaline and Shellshock). All it does is silence the voice lines of their non-ultimate abilities to give your ears some sweet relief. It affects the following avatars:

  • Songkran Adrenaline
  • Songkran Bombardier
  • Songkran Grinex
  • Songkran Nomad
  • Songkran Salforis
  • Songkran Shellshock
  • Songkran Witch Slayer

This mod is a simple sound replacer, and so should conflict minimally with other mods.



To install, drop resources_SilentSongkran.s2z into your Heroes of Newerth\Game folder.

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