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Suggestion Forum - Guidelines

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Hi all,


The Suggestions forums is a place for any & all suggestions related to the game, without much restriction (aside from following the global forum rules). However, just because you can suggest anything does not mean you should suggest literally anything - there are some guidelines that will help your suggestion be more likely to implement.



To maximize your chances of getting a suggestion implemented, please be considerate of the following guidelines and trends:

  • Simplicity: the simpler the suggestion is, the more likely it will be considered (at the very least), as the time & workload for such a suggestion is likely (but not necessarily) to be much more reasonable.
  • Practicality: do you actually want this to be suggested? How realistic do you honestly think it would be for the suggestion to actually be implemented?
    • What do you think would happen if you asked a developer, an outsider, or another HoN player about the suggestion? Would they agree, or would they hesitate to do so/disagree?
  • Supporting justifications: if your suggestion is paired with supporting evidence & appropriate justifications, it will have a higher chance to be considered.
  • Conciseness & clarity: don't be too brief, as that usually means the reasoning for the suggestion is weak. At the same time, don't be too longwinded, as that makes every reader think you are trying too hard to explain a concept such that it's not really worth implementing the suggestion. Find the right balance of text (conciseness), and make sure you communicate your points clearly.



Please note that due to resource issues, it is unlikely that anything system-related or complex will be implemented (however, you are free to suggest them anyway). Aside from that, please note that staff members are not obligated to respond to any of the suggestions in this subforum - however, we will read each & every one of them and give them the appropriate level of consideration.


If we are seriously interested in a feature, I will likely make a post in the thread =).

Thank you for your understanding!





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