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I updated the competitive HoN gamepedia section after quite a while!

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Hey! I'm not sure if this is the right spot, but the competitive HoN section doesn't seem as the proper place for this and I'm unsure if this is exactly a community contribution 😄

However! A long time ago, I used to update the HoN competitive part of the gamepedia - mostly this: https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Categories (I even had a sweet courier icon next to my name on the old forums). I stopped after HoN Tour season 3 as I was losing interest in the HoN pro scene at that point. However, today I stumbled upon this page after a while and wondered how many HoN Tour seasons and world finals happened and who won them, and I realized it's pretty hard to get the information.  

So I digged some of it out and updated the https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Tournaments page with at least some core information about HTS4 (including HTWF16), HTWF17 and HTWF18.

There's much more that can be done*, but I already spent my whole evening on this and I think I won't have the motivation later on. I know it's not that useful right now, as HoN's competitive scene isn't doing that well, and I don't even know how long the gamepedia archive will remain online, but I feel like it's an interesting part of esport history and if anything, the players and teams would definitely be happy to see their achievements properly archived. Hopefully at least some of you will find the information interesting and worth archiving 🙂  


*This can be done if you've got spare time!:  
Player pages (create a page for each mentioned player with as much info as you can google, many are missing)  
Team rosters for individual events (look up game replays from the tournament on honcast youtube, write down players)   
HTS4 results per cycle (since the search on hontour page doesn't work and you can't reach the pages through calendar, you have to guess the URLs of each league, e.g. HTS4 diamond division cycle 5: https://www.hontour.com/events/view/447/ , cycle 6: https://www.hontour.com/events/view/455/ etc, and then get the information onto gamepedia. even screenshots can suffice, see how I did it for HTS3)  
Other minor events (similar approach as above)  
HTWF17 qualifier information (similar approach as above)  
Add trivia to events (kind of requires personal information that you know, example in HTWF18)  
Improving the quality of the pages overall (in case you know what you're doing)  
Getting the admins to put the whole category list into the left menu as "Competitive" section so that it can be reached from the gamepedia instead of most visitors coming from Google search.  
Btw, if you do add something, keep in mind to add the articles in small doses if you're adding external links, as adding it all as once causes you to be stuck in anti-spam filter and all your work will be instantly lost. Been there.

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Cool to see that you're still around and making HoN related stuff! I'll be sure to send you a thought when my memory starts to fade and I'm browsing the internet for some nostalgic HoN content ❤️

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Nice, good work!

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