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CAUTERIZE - Deals magic damage to targeted enemy units or heals friendly units. Deals half the magic damage to self.
FIRE SHIELD - Covers a friendly unit in a shield of flames protecting them from damage and removing harmful effects. If the shield is damaged to its breaking point, it will explode, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies equal to that of the damage absorbed.
SEAR - Passively causes Accursed attacks and abilities to apply Sear to enemies. Enemies affected by Sear have their movement speed slowed. If they get hit 4 times, they're forced to attack the closest enemy for 2s and all attacks against them gain an attack speed boost.
FLAME CONSUMPTION - Removes debuffs and applies Protective Flames to self, converting damage taken into health.

STAFF UPGRADE - FLAME CONSUMPTION : Increases the duration. While active, Cauterize has a reduced cooldown and applies a 1s Protective Flames buff.



- Sear rework inspired by Abaddon in DotA 2 which mechanics are simpler and translate better gameplay-wise.
- Movespeed buffs are overused and hardly make sense on Accursed.
- The taunt mechanic replaces the silence effect because of its formidable synergy with Fire Shield and Flame Consumption.
- Searing Flame active removed because of the skill power budget reaching new heights.
- New staff upgrade because the current one removes counters for the hero which is mediocre design-wise.
- Instead, Accursed becomes much harder to ignore as a support since he can significantly increase an ally's survivability.


I voluntarily ignore most numbers in order to focus on the concept.

Additional note: Staff upgrade suggestions are designed to fit a cheaper SotM, with slightly weaker effects.



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On 7/12/2021 at 3:46 PM, Haerdal said:
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  • Current SotM effect (activate while silenced or stunned) reduces counterplay and doesn't add any depth of play to the hero itself. The bonus duration part can be kept.

Suggestion : Whenever an enemy hero is under the Sear debuff for a prolonged time, they're forced into a frenzied state, attacking the closest enemy hero (not a taunt, but rather Puppet Master W effect on enemies only). Adds a disable to the hero which he could use in long games (when he tends to be ignored as a support hero) and has great synergy with both Fire Shield & Flame Consumption.

I believe the statement I underlined is probably a mistake. 

If I may put an idea, I would like to make Cauterize having its cooldown reset upon activating Flame Consumption and its cooldown reduced to 1 second during Flame Consumption. I guess I'll post the idea in the thread below: 


If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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I mean that the debuffed enemy cannot attack his allies (unlike with PM W spell). The taunt will either proc on Accursed himself or Accursed allies which you can buff with Shield, hence the synergy..

As for your suggestion, I think it's pretty good. It also helps the hero in a late game fight and Cauterize natural synergy with Consumption only gets stronger.

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  • Haerdal changed the title to Accursed rework
Posted (edited)

Bump, with a suggestion which is now not just about Staff upgrade but rather a global (minor) rework of the hero.

Will probably post more of these later.


Credits to datfizh for the cooldown reduction idea on Cauterize.

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