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[DOWNLOAD] HoN64 macOS Client Public Beta

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Heroes of Newerth (macOS)


This is a Universal Client [ x86_64 / arm64 ] and runs natively on both Intel and m1 machines.

THIS IS A PUBLIC BETA, IT HAS BUGS, A-LOT OF BUGS, PLEASE Do not download this If you are looking for a premium experience, because you won't find it here.

DOWNLOAD (read below FIRST.)

edit: No seriously, read below, the amount of times I've been contacted despite all the notices is astounding.




This application is code signed, but it is *NOT* notarised by apple, and will not be notarised during public beta, so you will most likely experience issues opening it for the first time.

It will be notarised on official release, and no extra steps will be needed.

If you see a message saying "Couldn't verify itself for malware" Open HoN64 by right clicking and pressing open, instead of just double clicking it, and it should give you an option to Open.

It is almost guaranteed you will have issues opening it on Mojave and above, and will usually be a random error such as "Apple couldn't verify this app for malware" or "This application is damaged and cannot be opened" and some others.

If you have any of these, type the following in Terminal:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/Heroes\ of\ Newerth\ x64.app/


Still Having Issues? Join the HoN64 Bug Discord!

Direct instant technical support (FOR CLIENT ISSUES ONLY)


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Please post feedback here! Good and bad!

I want to thank all the people who helped test and fix issues on the HoN64 discord, you're legit legends all of you, this is why we *can* have nice things 🙂

I'd also like to thank all those who donated and helped reach the goal, these funds helped us get Mac developer certs, hardware, etc required to make this port.


This port took an absolute mountain of time to make, but I did not make it all on my own and I want to thank all those involved.

Except the people who have macOS and forced me to deal with this stupid cancer ecosystem, you make my life harder, please get windows, no thanks for you.

I'm kidding I'm kidding don't hurt me

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Posted (edited)

I've put a thousand warnings to read below because despite saying read below in like 10 different ways I still get so many DM's when the answer is right in the post, cmon fellas.

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I have the latest version of MAC OS (Not my choice, girlfriends laptop) wanted to test this out. Worked perfectly fine, no issues once booted. I had to run the code given in the terminal to actually boot but it worked! which is great. Ill update if there are any issues. 

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