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Release Candidate Testers - Community Position

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Hello fellow Newerthians,


As you see, the new forums are totally up right now. This thread used to exist in the old forums, so most of you know what's coming, so I'll keep it as simple as possible! In all cases, I'm Watchwalker and together with @Lightwalkerand the rest of the Senior RCT Team, we manage what's called RCT, or Retail/Release Candidate Testers. What we actually do is test the upcoming updates on a side client which is up on a side server called Test (RC) Server, and is obviously different from the regular Heroes of Newerth client.


The positive objective of patch testing is to ensure a bug-free patch. In other words, none shall pass! (As Behemoth suggests :D). This includes (but not limited to):

  • Mechanical Bugs (actual damage, actual cooldowns, correct interactions, game-breaking bugs, etc...)
  • Visual Bugs (missing textures, colors mismatch, map issues, etc...)
  • Sound Bugs (missing voice lines, impact sounds, etc...)
  • User Interface Bugs (features not working in the main game UI components)

Some stuff should never be taken into consideration and should never happen when testing in RCT. This includes (but not limited to):

  • Balance topic (balance discussion in general, trying hard in a testing game, etc...)
  • Chat abuse (disrespecting fellow testers and Senior RCTs)


About the testing process, we have a usual sequence that we follow:

  1. Update the RCT client if required
  2. Login regularly and wait for a Senior RCT to host a game
  3. Join the game and wait until it starts (games usually start at 7:00 PM CET and last for up to 4 hours). Click here to check your local time accordingly.
  4. Pick heroes according to the "secret" patch notes for a specific unreleased update (this is usually a compiled list posted by a Senior RCT in picking screen phase)
  5. Play the game normally (with the ability to test something with another hero alone the other side of the map if needed)
  6. Report any bug that occurs.
  7. Repeat until the end of the testing cycle!


That's pretty much about testing and how it works.


What's expected of You?


  • Firm grasp of the English language. Being able to communicate with your fellow RCTers as well as be able to relay any bugs you find is paramount.
  • Mature and calm. No raging, harassment, or griefing within RCT is ever tolerated. RAP or forum bans do not mean you're instantly excluded, but past shown behavior is taken into consideration when applying.
  • The ability to participate in testing games during the aforementioned testing hours. Do not apply if you don't intend to actually show up! You are expected to participate at least biweekly (every other week).
  • Playing games of varying skill level. We have no MMR requirement, and as such our games consist of players of all brackets. The goal is not to win games in RCT, and there is no MMR to gain or lose.
  • Reporting any and all bugs you find that are new to the patch on our private forums.


To become a RCT member, you have to apply to the position in https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/application/ 

If you get accepted, you will get a reply containing everything you need including the Discord Server link. On the other hand, if you get rejected, we will not send you a PM, and you can consider re-applying after a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Ranks or ratings are never taken into consideration. However, your RAP history should be clean for the past couple of months. This is to make sure that you behave your best when wearing the clan tag of the position in-game.

Make sure you put all your effort into the application since it's the only decision factor when deciding whether to accept you or not.

As for the rewards, the more you contribute (games and bug reports) the more you earn. More details on this when you get accepted!

For more information, don't hesitate to post here or even contact me or @Lightwalker in private. You can also join our community channels on Discord here.

We're looking forward to working with you!

The Senior RCT Team @Chime, @GucciKD @Lightwalker, @manu311 , @microgods and @zaharus.


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