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2 ability breaks with an ax and for 1 hit, and on heroes it does not last more than 1-2 seconds, and does not at all fulfill its function of controlling the character from movement or teleportation, I think it would be honest to make it unbreakable, but with a timer of 3 5 seconds and reduced damage, since the main task of the ability to deter and not deal damage.

And in general, I think it's right to remove the hatchet's ability to break the characters' abilities, it's not fair 225 gold breaks the enemy's ability.

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One of the problems I have with gadgets in HoN is that when you are right next to then and you use a-> leftclick it does not attack it. As the problem is when you get Shackled! for example you cannot remove it as there are mulitple characters on the screen which blocks you from right-clicking it. Maybe some change for gadgets?

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