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I don't think it's fair that a ranged hero must constantly collect corpses in the vicinity, since he is very fragile, I think that he needs to make charges like a Puppet master so that corpses appear on a timer, so he will become at least a little stronger.

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If I may imagine the mechanic of your suggestion, the charges is reset back if Gravekeeper's attack is imbued, isn't it?

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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- Gravekeeper E renamed to:

definition: To dig out of the earth, as something, especially a dead body, which has been buried.
manacost: not too much

Activate to start a channel to dig in place for a corpse. This will always grant Gravekeeper a charge(corpse) of E, and always dig up at least 0/1/1/2 corpses under him at the end of the channel time. Gravekeeper also has a ?% chance to dig up an additional 1  or 2 corpses.

(When Gravekeeper throws a corpse, it is still called "Defiling Touch" debuff on the enemy)
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