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When stealing the first ability from the king klout when the goblins are completely depleted, the cooldown timer stops and the goblins no longer appear.
There are also problems with 1 bombardier ability, when using a bomb, the timer may disappear and the ability will not go on cooldown.

If a bombardier bomb is thrown at the parasite, and he uses the ultimate, then the bomb is transmitted back and the bombardier will lose control over it, but the damage will be done to the parasite, since the bomb is still considered the bombardier.

Monkey king
When using 2 abilities with a delay of 0.1 seconds, when the monkey king is on the target's head, it needs to be squeezed again, and there will be no 2 jumps, he will make 2 jump in one direction, which violates the mechanics of the ability, this is difficult to achieve, but with 10 attempts will work out.

When the Berseker uses 2 ability on the nomad and attacks him when pressing the nomad's ultimate, the 2 Berseker ability does not disappear, but continues its effect, although, for example, the Tarot card disappears, and the Pestilence beetles also disappear, I do not think this is fair.

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