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5% leave is unacceptable. so are +0.4/-0.4 games.

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I sit here for half an hour. apocalypse is leaving every 0.4 game. isnt even punished because everyone rmks.

5% leave is unacceptable tbh. If everyone acted like that and had that amount of leave % then the chance for a game to be played with 10 players to the end would be (95%)^10 = 0.59. So under 60% !

If the mmr incentive to win is 0.4 then that is 0.4 ≈ 0 (rounded to first digit after dot) zero mmr incentive to win.

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I agree. Leaver percentage should not be based on the total amount of games played on the account, rather something weekly or monthly based.

My suggestion is to not remake games when someone behaves like that, then report him for abuse

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