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MATCH ID: 161782867
Magmus assumed he attacked the match, and of course, just his team could play (Devourer quit, so it was 4x5 and they started attacking the match)
His Teammate SwiftBlade said he as AFK sometimes, and after this, the attack started.
Portuguese talking in the PRINT - BR Server -
SB: "I think that is magmus, he was afk a for a long time at the starting"
SB: "He was afk somestimes like he was doing other thing."
Magmus: "Oh no, they discovered the imposter"
SB: "Now he's trying to ridicule"
Me:"Of course"

Even his Teammate knew what he was doing.

the fact: All my team was disconecting, then he laughs at the chat about 24min Match and turns off the DDOS attacker.. The game was already lost.


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Print was not the correct one.
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