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Most Hero Damage Taken - MVP Rewards

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I completely disagree. This will encourage players picking tank heroes like Ra and Armadon even more. There is a reason this heroes don't get picked at a certain level. If the enemy knows what he's doing they are completely useless. Imagine a Ra or Armadon getting the most farm against a smart team. Who is going to destroy the enemy base or kill them so many times they see no other option but to concede? Not the Arma or Ra. If the enemy let an appropriate hero get all the farm they will eat them for breakfast. Or they will be ignored, disabled, stormspirited what so ever. After the rest of the team is dead, they can watch those tanks die from the graveyard.

I strongly agree to encourage picking initiators through an MVP category. But how do you want to measure it? An initiator goes in, disables, deals some damage and let the carries wreck bloody havoc among the enemy team. In my opinion this is covered by the Assist count. Any other way to measure it? Difficult. First damage dealt that lead to a kill maybe. I don't know.

Read what EU stated.

The developers won't give a single glance to changing the MVP procedure.

Thus I guess the discussion will be as cosmetic as the MVP.

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