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Add more bans to Mid Wars game mode

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Mid wars has become really boring.

You see the same 20 hero rotation every game and it's become who can wombo combo the best. We need more bans per player to negate some of the picks and make players think more carefully about alternate options to let games open up more. Skill levels are decreasing and players who are terrible normally just need to learn how to click R and they win now. I think 2 more bans per player will help games become more interesting and also last longer than 15 minutes.


It takes me 10-15 games now to get 1 good game where it goes longer than 30 minutes and becomes more skill based.

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The problem is usually people not banning (=random ban) and not the amount of bans. 

There is also the other side, people play bp because they want to play a certain hero but that hero is almost always banned. 

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