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More Hero Mastery rewards

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Yeah, this is a pretty simple one. Hero Mastery is one of the coolest features in HoN and actually one of the main points, i'm still playing it. (someday i will finish it, i hope :D)

When it first came out, i remember to see alot of more hero variety, thanks to the rewards you got from lvling up (the Rewards you get from Hero Level 1 to 100).

Would be cool to give some rewards to every single level up to the full Level of 2085. That maybe would increase in a more variety picking, you won't see those players that simply got those 5 Heroes LVL 15 and play them over and over again, and would be a nice little replay value feature.

Btw. would be also cool, if the Hero Mastery Coupons won't expire. I know that's a very minor thing, but at the rate now, they are pretty worthless and if they wont expire after 3 days, they would have at least a little benefit.


I feel like with Mastery there could be done so much more, but i dunno if you guys are even interested to build it up even more. I could suggest more ideas for the mechanic i have, if there would be interest - FB wise.

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