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Good behavior -> plinko tickets reward

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I will keep my recommendation as simple as I can whilst trying to think it through. My idea is that players can nominate a player on their team for good behavior. I am sure that the system is familiar to some players in the community, from other similar games.

I recommend that the nomination happens on the same screen as the MVP nomination screen to avoid multiple post match screens that may annoy players. There should be plenty of room for the good behavior nomination interface on the side or underneath the MVP nomination interface. I also recommend that the behavior award system is disabled when players have queued in groups in the game. This is to avoid nepotism and players nominating their friends for the reward. One could argue that a good behavior reward also makes more sense among strangers. The anti-nepotism system can be discussed but I think it is worth considering. I am not sure how well such a good behavior system works in terms of motivating good behavior, but I think it could be worth a try. If nothing else, it could shake up the game experience a bit and maybe add a few more happy moments to the gameplay.

The person that wins the nomination vote for the good behavior away gets a set amount of plinko tickets to be spent on the plinko machine. If nobody votes for a player to receive the good behavior award, nobody is awarded the plinko tickets. The amount of plinko tickets can be discussed, of course. I recommend plinko tickets instead of gold or silver coins, to add a level of fun, random and impulsivity to getting the reward that follows the good behavior award. I also imagine that Frostburn would not be very happy about giving away gold coins that can be traded directly for a number of things in the shop. I do not recommend giving away silver coins as players already receive silver coins for playing games and from events in the game. Players may already be used to receiving silver coins and it may seem like a trivial reward as it is already implemented into the game in several ways.

That was my suggestion for a new feature. I hope that others can see the meaning and usefulness in my suggestion.

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