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I Know why we  have the option to report people for avoiding afk but I think we must discuss futher what is avoiding afk.

I was in a game were there were 2 junglers. So If I would push alone people would report me for intentional feed. If I would follow them in jungle and farm with them they would report me for griefing ( I would report too). The only option I got is to stop in higth grund and be there. at t3 and wait for something to change in game. But by doing this they report me for afk and I got 14 days bam. So I'am banned until the end of the event.

It's a bit unfair. Most people could say that I was avoiding afk. But what I could do if my team were jungle?

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Maybe play safe on the lane, get some farm until your 2 farmers have enough items then proceed and push etc
Mostly when there are 2 junglers one of them is griefing and will ruin the game, if that happens just play it safe, do your best and after the game ends make sure you report the griefer or if you can't play due to them griefing then you can leave and play another game!
Just because on/two teammates decide to grief or having a fight, doesn't mean you are free to do so without repercussions, you are not excluded for any punishment for breaking the rues, we often encounter the same lines "but he started it first" !

This was a general discussion and not talking about your particular case since you are not allowed to discuss suspensions in here!
If you feel your suspension is unjust then I strongly suggest you appeal it > http://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/

[SGM] — Senior Game Master for Heroes of Newerth
Want to get in touch with an SGM?
Want to appeal your suspension?
 Click Click >
R.A.P helpdesk<

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