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Add item cost to "You cannot afford <item>" shop message

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Right now, you're forced to mouseover if say trying to buy a nullstone's recipe or any other piece of a multi-part item. If I open the dropdown menu from Wingbow, but don't remember how much Snake Bracelet cost, I have to mouseover the item in the dropdown menu if I can't afford it. This is for situations where I want to buy the item, but am missing a small amount of gold. This way I'd just press the hotkey and obtain the information.

Also, notice that this becomes even more frustrating if you're using Ctrl to attempt buying just the recipe, adding even more steps to check what the recipe's price was that you can't remember.

EDIT: Alright, noticed I can hold Ctrl to view recipe prices, but the Snake Bracelet example still applies. Also it's arguably way more legible to have the price included in the "You cannot afford <item>" message.

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Isn't not getting the item the same thing as your message? 

Could maybe add a function similar to the "I need xx gold to buy back" to items too. (Edit: this already exists)

Ps. You'll prob learn what most items cost soon

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