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How to play this game?

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On 6/9/2021 at 10:37 PM, Mohamed said:

  MOBA games is not easy, if u want to start have fun in MOBA game like HoN u have to learn about most off heroes spells and items, new players start with 1500 MMR and join with silver and gold ranks that played HoN for years !!! so what ? his team will teach him the game ? ofcourse not, his team will SHOUT on him and **** *(u know what he will get ^^"), so he will miss the game for his team and will quit HoN after 1 o 2 games,
I liked the idea of LOL tutorial story type it take u in cinematic story and force u to open a spell one by one for a hero and by item one by one its just a great idea and working will for new players  

New players have to complete the first one to unlock the second, and complete the second one to unlock the third. Finishing each step grants the player access to new heroes
1- The Tutorial is a type of game in which the player is guided to learn the basis and more complex concepts of the heroes and items in HoN.
2- The player is set with bots as allies and enemies instead of other players.
3- After the new player got a good knowledge for a hero in a tutorial he can play with only this hero in MMR, and if he want o unlock other Heroes he must play a tutorial for this hero and so on.
5- They have to complete the first one to unlock the second, and complete the second one to unlock the third. Finishing each step grants the player access to new heroes in picking phase in Ranked games.
4- Just make the tutorial short and focused (spells and core items).

* If this will take a lot of work for HoN team u can make a video that cant be skipped for every hero that new players must watch before unlock any hero to play with and the same idea for items


This man ask to learn but a lot don't and just quit I really think HoN must have a tutorial.

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This game is basically all about 2 things:
1. Obtaining resources (gold for items, EXP for level-up/abilities/stat boosts)

- You can accomplish #1 by killing things (heroes, towers, creeps).
- If you die, you will very negatively impact this goal! Do not ever die!

2. Controlling the map/field.

- You can accomplish #2 directly by using Ward of Sight/Ward of Revelation. These directly help give you vision of areas of the map you can't see. The more you can see the more you can know.
- You can also destroy enemy structures/towers to reduce their vision and base size. If a tower is destroyed, it will no longer guard the area from enemies. Less towers means less protection.

There are other ways to achieve #2 as well:

Having more resources from killing (heroes, towers, creeps) will make you more powerful than your opponent because you have more items, and stronger stats/abilities. If you are more powerful your enemy will hide in their base more, giving you more control of the map/field.

When you do #2 correctly, you can also deny resources from the enemy. This will make them less powerful!

Doing #1 and #2 better than your opponent will enable you to accomplish the win condition of the game:
->The ultimate goal is to destroy your enemy's main structure: World Tree on Legion side, Sacrificial Shrine on Hellbourne side.

Which team can get the most resources and dominate the map?

Do these things!!
Keep killing enemy players(heroes) over and over until your lead is too big for them to challenge you anymore!
Place Wards to give you vision to set up kills with your team!
Keep killing enemy towers/structures to get gold and control the map!


Play well in the early phase of the game! In the early phase, teams will split up into 3 lanes. Succeed in the early phase by:
- Don't die
- Kill more creeps than your opponent
- Deny more creeps than your opponent
- Kill your opponent with your lane partner

This is a general overview of the game. I did not describe everything. Good luck!

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Play some midwars games to get the hang of the mechanics. then q ranked. its ok to lose first 10 -20 games. ignore all the haters and try to copy the "good" players. play long enough and you will  eventually win and have fun.

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Hey you guys I'm gonna take 5 seconds to shit out my question: how to live LIFE.

Please make a 20 page dissertation explaining how to best accomplish this.

PROTIP: If a dimwit doesn't put in the effort, neither should you. Don't waste your time.

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