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I have to admit HoN has some really cool concepts of heroes, I'm not talking exactly about if they're balanced or not, just about mechanic, concept etc. What's your top list?

My fav heroes in terms of concept and mechanics:
1st place:

Gladiator, Qi, Warchief, Drunken Master, Pandamonium, King Klout, Devourer

2nd place:

Blitz, Engineer, Bombardier, Oogie, Vindicator, Goldenveil, Myrmidon, Pebbles, Deadwood, Kraken, Kane


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Draconis, Parasite, Maliken, Klanx, Monkey King, Martyr, Pearl, Gauntlet. To this day, I still just really love the entire concept of Parasite.

I will say that the concepts for Gladiator, Devourer, Pebbles (even persisting to their current iteration today with the exception of their staff effects) were directly ported from Dota. 

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