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5v4 or 5v3 in forest of caldavar at the start of the game

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I do not understand why when someone is disconnected at the beginning of the game or is afk and we are 5v4, the teams are asked to redo the game and they just do not do it and then at that moment another decides that it is automatically lost and we are now 5v3. This happens to me 4 out of 5 games that I am already playing, that is really annoying, it is very annoying because there is no good experience already, they want to upload mmr at the cost of playing 5v3 which seems unfair to me.

I propose that after 3 minutes if 4 of the 5 participants are disconnected or this afk the game is remade and if at 5 minutes 3 of the 5 participants are connected, the game will be remade.

Seriously, it is too frustrating to see how one loses because simply one of those decides to leave or simply does not want to play anymore, I know that there is an immediate penalty for those who leave afk but I do not understand why they practically force us to play 15 minutes to grant and that the other teams get their free mmr

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Why bother? You are free to leave without penalty after one player gets terminated. Once I have realized that I don't care about leavers anymore as I just disconnect if we don't have a huge advantage.

Having 4 teammates, and 5 enemies it is statistically more likely to have a leaver on the opposite team, so this cannot have a long-term effect on your MMR.


I hope we can have the "You are free to leave" message pop up after the first player gets terminated. For any reason it only pops up after the second termination.

Maybe ElementUser can implement this within the next patch as many people seem to be very upset about disconnects.

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