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Does Gladiator scales so bad?

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Hi guys, 

played a lot of Gladiator now, mostly mid. Funny hero, but i am not able to carry with him. 

Tried a lot of builds:

- Shaman's headress (if a lot of dmg) into Rift shards lvl 4

- Barbed Armor into Rift shards lvl 4

- Dmg Build: Shroud, Twin Blades, Rift shards lvl 4


Nethertheless which build, if u come into mid / late game, I make no dmg even with above items. 

Even with Showdown, Pitfall, Ult-Combo i am not able to chase down enemies in time. 

I also tried this PK + Doombringer - Build, but this is so dangerous if you die. 


What also feels strange are the lvl-ups for Showdown. At lvl 1 you must stand next to the enemy to mark him. 

You need to bring it on lvl 4 as soon as possible to make successful ganks. But you also need to get Flagellation on lvl 4 asap. 

Several years ago Showdown had the same range on each lvl and a timer instead from 2 seconds up to 4 seconds.

Was also not the best solution, but the momentan solution for Showdown also does not feel well considered. 


May be I play him wrong, but I think Glad really needs a buff to face enemies from mid to end game. 


What do you think?



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He doesn't scale exceptionally well in a manfight scenario against other carries but I can guarantee you that a late game Gladiator is extremely scary due to his ultimate being able to negate so much damage to your whole team, if used properly.

He is a godlike tier mid hero but you shouldn't play him as a pure right click carry

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Ok, thx for the tipp with the ultimate. 

But I think, I will give up Gladi. There are simply to much other carries, Glad can not face off. 



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