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Hello, good morning everyone!

My name is Tio_marley, I'm an old-school HON player who is on this new opportunity
to show the power of HON BR.

I would like to know how I can become a GM or someone who has more voice and importance
 to improve our game, later this month I will start making my streams for promotion but
 I would like to know how I do this with the support of HON himself.

Thank you for your attention!
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There's a really big category at the top called "Open Applications" if you click there, you can apply to different volunteer positions.

However currently Game Masters seem to not recruit.

Anyways, no volunteer group has a real influence on any decisions made, we just try to improve different aspects (game masters ban rule violations, forum moderators moderate the forum, retail candidate testers try to find all the bugs before a new patch is released).
However if someone did well in those volunteer groups, staff members might first ask some of them about their opinion. So joining any volunteer group is something we all appreciate, but don't just apply because of the illusion that you can have frequent meetings with EU about whatever 😉.

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