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account banned and IP

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hello this is my last attempt to get my account/ip unbanned i've been perma because of stat maniluption which i didnt know was against the rules.

i've legit played this game since 2009 i've spent over 2000$ on the game and played over 10,000 games and i really love the game and i've even made it into top plays on youtube.

can you please revoke my ban this game is my livley hood i promise i will not do the 6 games lose again i only did it too get more games and not smurf.

its hard to get games when your diamond like i sit in que 20mins plus and like i dont really have time for that but i understand thats how it is.

i promise to read and follow the rules and i can stat reset the sub that has the 6 lose streak at the start.

please here me out much appriation callum from new zealand. 

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