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Why was the RAP a failure? Player was afk for 14 minutes.

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Hello everyone,

I recently had a RAP returned as a failure in a case that seemed very clear cut for me. This has repeatedly happened in the past, but this time I decided to investigate why. Maybe my understanding is wrong, maybe a formal error, maybe wrong decision. In any case I'd like to find out. Now I am not allowed to post the match number so I'm not sure how we can discuss this case, but I will start by describing what I see in the replay.

Midwars, 10 minutes in, the enemy team is 24-31 behind. The enemy Rhapsody goes behind the well / stays in the well for the remainder of the game, which is almost another 14 minutes. She only occasionally moves out for a short fight to avoid afk detection, then dies or returns to the well. One of her teammates repeatedly asked us to report her for this behavior.

Seems to me like a textbook example for afk avoidance. So how come the GM team reports this back as a failure? I mean don't really care so much that the player gets punished, but it also reflects badly on my RAP performance and might negatively influence future reports.

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