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Potential Plinko bug

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I opened the plinko tab and saw that the "new" label was  present under each of the chests. I got excited thinking some new stuff had been added so I played a few drops. The Diamond and Silver chests  seem to be functioning correctly, but the bronze and gold do not.


Each time I land in the bronze chest I get a non existent (as of yet I assume) balphagore alt. it is named Mstore_Product:2663_name

When landing in the gold I get a seemingly non existent Riptide alt named "Songkran Chalawan"

I tested this until I landed in the gold chest twice and both results were the same. The bronze chest was the same 10+ times.

I don't particularly care about the gold or tickets spent, but just thought I'd bring it to your attention.

I tried the insert image from URL, but it didn't seem to work.

PS: If you are going to add things to the plinko chests could you not add some of the currently inaccessible stuff from the store  like some of the punk upgrades or the elite versions of all the season avatars?



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I have edited the alts.
The issue with the balphagore should be gone.
However there is an alt called Chalawn in the game so not sure what you're having trouble with there, I do see it has been added to your account.
Hit me up on discord if you find anything else, since I am abit more active there 😄

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