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I disagree with GM's decision in my Report

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I am not satisfied with the GM service on my ticket: ............. (Chat ofence - Inquiry)
I was reported for the same reason a while ago and was suspended, when I do the same I realize that there are always 2 pesos and 2 measures, where some guardians are protecting their friends!

I was suspended for 3 days for using bad words, then when I make a report of a player using the GM also comes to say in the tough face that for him this is not a bad word, since when he decides what is a bad word and what is not? Since when to say "take it in the ass" is not a bad word? Since when "VSF", which is the abbreviation for "Vai se fuder" in Portuguese, which means "Fuck You" is not a bad word? Since when isn't "Son of a Bitch" a bad word? Since when "broken into" which in Portuguese means "ass broken out" is not a bad word?
I am outraged at ................for this totally biased service! I would like to take action both against the GM and against the player who did it!

PLEASE DO NOT POST SENSITIVE INFORMATION ON FORUMS <Match IDs, players names, photos containing sensitive info>




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removed sensitive information since it's against the rules

Leandro César Gomes

Computer Scientist

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We understand your frustration, and we can double-check it without a problem however this is not the place to call out any player and point fingers at, since the issue only involves you, your suspension and that said SGM, so it should have been handled that way, if you feel that the SGM who handled your ticket didn't make the right choice, and you think it's unjust then you can always ask for another SGM to check, and please refrain from discussing personal suspensions with the public and also to post names and match IDs here on forums.
Feel free to add me on discord `Shattered#7277 , OR you can create another ticket and wait patiently for an answer!

Have a great day,

[SGM] — Senior Game Master for Heroes of Newerth
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I created another ticket, could you please review, I saw that you are very impartial in the decisions with the players! Very good!

Sorry for bringing things not allowed here, it won't happen again. In anger, we don't even think well!

Thank you for now! Great weekend!

Ps. I did not insert the ticket identification because I said above not to mention it.

Leandro César Gomes

Computer Scientist

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