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silver coins

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7 hours ago, tokui said:

i have a bug in my silver coin reward.... not coming 1.6x or more silver coin usars avatar.... and i have manys


Here is a list of what you need to be available for the multipliers from top to bottom:
Ussuri (Gauntlet)    Nothing
Uproar (Flux)    URSA Bonus I (1.2x Silver)
Kodia (Devourer)    URSA Wildflower Maize (Name Color)
Axia (Moraxus)    URSA Bonus II (1.4x Silver)
Barrage (Bombardier)    URSA Taunt
Scoria (Magmus)    URSA Bonus III (1.6x Silver)
Gunclaw (Gunblade)    URSA Courier
Grizzington (Sir Benzington)    URSA Bonus IV (1.8x Silver)
Arctos (The Gladiator)    URSA Corps Announcer Pack
Mistress of Arms (Master of Arms)    URSA Bonus V (2.0x Silver)

if/when you got all of the above you simply toss customer support a ticket saying "hey I got all ursa alts for the multipliers, please add them to my account"
and poof, you're good to go!

Hope this cleared things up for you!

❤️ Saph

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