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Queue for multiple game modes

Allow queueing for multiple game modes  

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  1. 1. Allow queueing for multiple game modes

    • Check box any modes you want and let HoN decide
    • Rank order the modes you want and have priority preferences
    • Start with some modes and add modes if queue takes too long
    • No. Midwars or uninstall

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Hello all,

This is probably an incredibly useful feature for anyone who feels like playing a casual game. Sometimes you think "midwars would be acceptable if we can't find a riftwars or prophets game."

Also, HoN has a boatload of great games that they used to cycle in and out, and those games are super fun but not as commonplace as midwars.


My suggestion is simple and has been utilized by HoN's competitors:

Allow the player to choose multiple casual game modes to queue up for.

Capture the flag

Rift Wars

Mid Wars


Blitz Mode

Dev wars


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How so?


Do you mean that HoN can't have all of these map options available in the same patch? 


I do want to be clear: my suggestion is for HoN to decide which game everyone will play and THEN start loading the map after it has chosen the game mode.

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I agree with tazmohanna, if you guys can rotate the different game modes ever so often, it would be nice.

E.g Keep midways as a constantly available game mode and have one of the other game modes listed above as an option once every 2 weeks or a month.

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