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Mid Wars is getting way too serious

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MW is meant to be a fun high action mode with no consequences; this is the spirit and motto that gave birth to MW.

However, with the inclusion of MMR in MW and insufficient match-making modes, there is too much competitiveness to reach high MMR status. This has caused the emergence of some unenjoyable game behaviors for players who just want to play MW for true high action no pressure casual fun. Such unenjoyable behaviors include only picking the most unbalanced heroes in MW (eg. flint, vindi, accursed, artillery, devourer, saphire, tarot, master of arms, shadowblade, demented shaman, defiler, etc..), tower hugging for excessive periods of time, play styles and item builds that are more in line with competitive ladder play. 


There are two types of players who play MW.

  1. Those who always play to win and are pursuing the vanity of being a high MMR MW player.
  2. People who just want to play MW for fun.

There are stark differences between these two groups of players.

  1. For the players who are pursuing the vanity of being a high MMR MW player, they will ALWAYS strive to pick, itemize, and play to win. With this group of players and given the limitations of the MW map, games are arguably very similar to one another with predicable hero picks, itemization, and gameplay. The only variation in these games is the skills of the player. There is one defining behavior in this group - Unwillingness to Die.
  2. For the players who just want to play for fun, who relish pure high action fights with no consequences. These players just enjoy playing whatever hero they want or a random hero, whatever items they want, whatever playstyle they want. There is no pressure to specifically win, lose, carry, support, ward or whatsoever. They are here to just have fun. 


There is no inherit problem with these two groups. Both groups are in their right to enjoy MW the way they like it. The issue is that with the current match-making modes, we mix these two groups of players together. One group is always playing desperately to win. One group is just trying to have fun. This is a recipe for griefing. 

For instance, in any given MW game, there will be a few players from Group 1 (play-to-win) and a few players from Group 2 (play-for-fun). The players from Group 1 usually will start griefing at Group 2 because they may pick and/or play their hero in an uncommon or perhaps random way compared to FOC. Group 1 expects every player in their team to pick, itemize and play a certain way, but Group 2 cares for non of that, who only want to experience fun high action fights. Thus, group 1 usually griefs group 2 for bad picks, bad item choices and bad plays.

Group 1 are Risk Adverse

Even though MW remains unbalanced, and a good portion of heroes remain broken in MW. To Group 1, MW is not just a casual game mode. It is a mission. It is their campaign to become reach the top of the ladder, much like FOC. The goal or vanity of reaching high MMR is their motivation to keep playing MW. So, if reaching the top of the ladder is their true objective, then I would argue that MW is perhaps not a 'game' to this group, but a means to achieve their goal. 

To Group 1, MW is serious. Losing a MW hurts the same as losing a FOC and thus, they are unwilling to die, unwilling to give up 1 death, if possible.

Group 2 are Risk-Seekers

Conversely, from the perspective of players of Group 2, the behavior of Group 1 only causes an unenjoyable gaming experience. Group 2 may not want to pick the same 15 heroes over and over again. Group 2 may not want to buy the same items over and over again. Group 2 may not want to hug and hide behind or beside the tower for 20 minutes. Group 2 does not enjoy 'cookie-cutter' picks, builds and plays. Group 2 want to have fun. He/she wants to experience continuous spontaneous fights. He/she may freely pick any hero in the pool or randoms. He/she may try different item builds. He/she may jump into 5 enemies and tower dive for 1 or 2 kill. He/she relishes action. This is not to say that Group 2 doesn't want to win, but that the outcome matters significantly less to Group 2. To Group 2, MW is still just a casual game.

Furthermore, the unwillingness to die from Group 1 only serves to force Group 2 to transition from playing casually to playing seriously, if they want to secure any kills or objectives at all, they must detouring from what they consider an enjoyable experience.

MW is not ‘Casual’ Anymore

We say that MW is a casual mode, but does this still hold true?

The emergence of a group of players that desire to win at all costs, even if they have to play the same 10 S-Tier MW heroes for the rest of their lives, signifies that MW is no longer just a casual mode anymore.

MW has become as serious as FOC. MW is played as much, if not more than FOC. We have people who ONLY play mid wars. We have clans that only play MW. We have tournaments for MW. MW means business, apparently. So why not make it so?

One might argue that why don't I just host the custom games I want in the public lobby. Unfortunately, there is not enough player traffic to regularly enjoy those games consistently anymore as it takes too long to fill enough players. 


We can't balance every Hero separately for MW, that would a crazy endeavor. However, we can give people the option to choose to play MW as seriously as FOC or simply to play MW for fun, as it was intended to be.

Here are my suggestions for MW:

  1. Game Options
    1. Normal
      1. Bring ranking to MW. MMR number is included and shown. Include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond ranks.
        1. So for the Group 1 players or players who solely play MW, the can get the vanity they want.
          1. Modes
            1. Hero Ban
            2. Single Draft
    2. Casual
      1. No ranking. No MMR matchmaking. No MMR shown. All randomized players.
        1. Modes
          1. Hero Ban
          2. Single Draft
          3. All Random
          4. Rift (Random Abilities)
          5. Blue vs Pink (Both Random)


@ElementUser Please consider this proposal seriously. Sincerely, MoreMeds

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On 6/3/2021 at 11:02 PM, Slingslang said:

Thanks for the great answer elementuser as always kappa

because threads like this come up waay too many times and i understand he doesn't want to write an essay every time ppl are too lazy to check older threads

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