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Emapth's Essence Link Suggestion

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Currently: Empath's Essence Link can only target enemies to drain their health.


I think empath having the ability to select an ally and drain their own health to heal an ally would be being pretty empathetic.


I think that if empath can drain an opponents health to heal herself (selfish), why not drain her own to health to heal ally`s as well (empathetic). This could be added to empath as she is already such a weak healer compared to rhap, pearl, art, and other supports.


Her Essence Link would now be able to target an enemy (draining health) or an ally (feeding health). 



I love the Rhapsody change, having people move on the dance floor, instead of standing still, makes a lot of sense. Am hoping to do something similar here with Empath

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Empath is pretty fragile hero and As One already makes up her empathetic side by giving the heal from Essence Link to her host. In conclusion, I'm not the fan of this proposed change.

I think this suggestion could be work on Witch Slayer Power Drain instead.

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