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Remove or nerf monkey king's passive mana regen

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There is no reason monkey king should have 5/7.5/10 passive mana regeneration on the Nimbus ultimate. It is way too strong in a deathball heavy meta. The hero can deal 1000 damage in 2 seconds without losing mana. Pls remove the passive mana regen or nerf it to 0/2.5/5 so you can crush the hero in the early game

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Sounds to me like your knowledge on the hero is based on what you see and you overlook what Monkey King really does. His spells are very high on mana and notice how Monkey King always go bottle first item? Yeah, you can't just spam his spells from levels 1-5 whenever you want. It literally cost 260 mana to use Q + W combo at level 3 and you're basically out of mana. Even at level 6, you got to be careful with how you spend your mana since an entire combo will cost you 290 mana and his mana pool isn't very high. The mana regen isn't that much early game and this only applies if Nimbus is active. So in hindsight, this hero is unplayable if you take away his passive mana regen. Not even a chalice would help the hero since 1 chalice usage will only let him spam one spell. 

 All you got to do is hit him once and he loses the passive mana regen. Dot damage like mock or something will also stop Monkey King from getting that passive regen during fights. By the time he gets to level 11 or 16, it's really not that big of a deal, it still cost him a lot of mana to cast spells until you get items like Nullstone or Hellflower to sustain his mana pool without a bottle. 

Monkey King can do high burst damage but at the expense of majority of his mana pool. The hero also gets countered by early game items like plated grieves, astrolabe, and any armor items that mitigate physical damage. There's plenty of snowball heroes like Wretched Hag, Dampeer, Gladiator, and Bombardier that can either win their lane and take control of the game or lose their lane but can recover like Monkey King can.

If that isn't convincing enough, this hero will lose to 70%, if not, majority of the hero pool such as Prisoner, Arachna, Succubus, Emerald Warden, Witch Slayer, etc) so why would it matter if he gets the passive mana regen when the hero will get stomped anyways? Also, I'd like to point out that this change was introduced in patch 4.3.5, which was many many years ago, and for some reason it is now a concern? You would need to provide more evidence to support your claim on why the hero's mana regen needs to be nerfed instead of a rant that doesn't support any of your concerns.

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I think mk is fine right now, it takes a tremendous amount of skill and finesse to play a good mk. And even if you play MK to the peak level; its still difficult to win matches that any other hero would have an easy time with. MK is not really that powerful, alls he has going for him is insta clear and early game burst. Late game is all about trickery; as hes not going to ever man up 1v1 a carry. 

His burst falls off heavily mid/late game.

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