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how it's possible to get ban beacuse of someone was cleary grifing ??

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it's so funny , when i report someone alone they never take my report cuz it's a single ticket , even if it was big grifing action  .

so the funny thing here that if a player was trash talking to me ( insulted me because I have Muslim voice ) and did a huge grifing action , and all i was doing is playing and avoiding him .

and after the game i get ban beacuse he find some one else who hate msulims in the team so they both report me for avoiding afk for 4 min cuz i had to open the door .

so i got banned cuz i open the door and i he got nothing after he did grifing action and trash talking .

it's really amazing !!!!

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There is already an ongoing ticket related to this, please wait patiently for your answer there, if you have something to say please do so there!


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