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Are there any mods that autotarget and trigger themselves for you?

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So today I played a game and this chipper had sand scepter and pk. He would teleport to me use sand scepter, toss tar and use ulti and rockets in less than 2 seconds.

Is it possible someone has mods to do that for them? it's impossible to do it so fast without missing any of the spells.


Match ID:  161422420

min 13:40 is one example

min 17:58 another example. Someone please explain because I don't buy the "it's spell queuing" bs.

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Yes it's possible that someone uses scripts/macros to activate items and spells in very short time, in dota there's plenty of them 😄

I don't know what is FB position about this, for sure you would need to report such replay in the RAP portal, not here.

Coming to your replay: 

1st timestamp you posted it look suspicious to me, indeed

2nd timestamp: looks ok

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