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Ultimate Valkyrie Javelin being slightly more noticeable

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I have taken notice of people complaining about some javelins simply not being visible compared to others, effectively making some avatars better than others.
Some seem to have better attack animations, which are actually placebo other than *feeling* better.
But... actually made a comparison ingame with Valkyrie Javelins...


Every single Javelin (didn't bother checking Throwback/POGs since they generally have the same effects as original avatars).
If you notice, the bottom right Javelin is from Ultimate Avatar which is the only Javelin with no noticeable shining effect.
Also, with lower graphics it actually blends a LOT more on Hellbourne ground.

My suggestion is:
Make it have a shining effect somewhere, preferably simillar to other Avatars in the Javelin's spearhead, or its handle like every other one.

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