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Queue Next Action hotkeys.

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Since i posted this in General and nobody showed any interest or told me i do something wrong. i thought it needs to be bringed to Bug/Mechanic report
and again i was not sure wether this belongs to either of them and since i didn't find a topic delete option, you are free to delete it in General's and/or
move it into the right section it belongs to.

One thing bothers me ever since this game came up, why can't you Queue number buttons for Next Action via Alt+1 2 3 4 etc.
I've always used my inventory on 2-7 keys, but if i let's say play Magmus and cast Ulti then try to Alt-Queue Portal Key,
i sometimes end up just wasting the ult while my hero stays in the trees like an idiot just because i forgot about this ussue.
I have to use mouse click by these means and using Queue for any other item is just pointless considering how much time i will lose dragging my mouse and clicking it.

I thought there are other already set default keys for Alt+Numbers and that's the issue, but not really.
Real frustrating tho.

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