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How do I test an Avatar in offline mode?

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In the HoN Client, press Ctrl+F8 to open the console and type in the following commands & then press Enter after each one:

SetSave "ui_showQuickStart" "true"

^This will make a button appear that you can click to start a practice game. Click that. Once you're in the practice game you will have a ui "Test+++" on the left. Open that by clicking(if it isn't already) and click the Entity Spawner button. Then once that window pops up, on the bottom make sure "Spawn All Alts" is checked. Then search for your desired hero and spawn it. All alts will spawn for the selected hero.


SetSave "ui_forceEnableTesting" "true"

^This will give you some advanced options, which can be useful for testing announcers. Might give you some options I overlooked as well.

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