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Bring back winning streak?

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Hey guys. I'm so unforutnate that I am now silver 1. my highest rank was diamond 2. I am a solid player (when concentrated) and can play almost every role until diamond. 3 seasons ago i went from D1 to bronze 3 bc og placcement matches??? HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN wow. that has been a long struggle to get back. I came up to G1 and been up and down since then until recently..
Since becoming silver 1, the quality of my games are so poor I sometimes end up leaving. I'm a 10 year veteran and dont have my head up far up my own ass and think I know everything in this game - I know my limits. BUT, since a 10 veteran can end up queuing with people who has just created an acc... ANYWAYS can we bring back winning streak to have a fair chance for people to rank up faster?


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Winning streak bonuses help you rank up faster only if there isn't any counterpart for losing streak, which is unfair.

If a losing streak MMR penalty is introduced, then nothing will change in term of "mmr gain speed" (assuming 50% win rate players)

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