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If you are encountering laggy servers in the SEA client and wish to report it & have a good chance of Garena addressing it, you must provide the following information:

  • Time/Date (include your personal timezone)
  • Match ID
  • Server Name (this info can be found from the Match Stats screen)
    • Or just take a screenshot of the Match Stats screen, that will work too.


Any post that does not adhere to these rules will be ignored and/or deleted.

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There's a new way to DOS and you don't even have to start the game - you can time out everyone in the picking lobby. A small box shows up that says "packet loss, you can wait or reconnect" and this is what the Ctrl + F8 log looks like.


It's quickly getting to the point of why even bother logging on.

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We have worked with Garena & they will be deploying our solution for DoS attacks to SEA after Patch 4.10.0 is deployed.

I was going to announce this after Patch 4.10.0 takes place.

Patch 4.10.0 is coming to SEA on December 9, and it will take a few days or so before all servers are protected. I let them know of the status of the concern & we will see if they can implement it sooner than the expected date, thanks.

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