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Iron shield versions for STR and INT heroes

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Iron shield is a great early game item. However, it is questionable if you want to pick it up on STR or INT heroes. What do you guys think of having three shield versions, which have the same blocking properties but each go with the corresponding stats?

In terms of items required you would just swap out the duck boots for crushing claws or mark of the novice.

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44 minutes ago, Mr`Cactus said:

The item is a fine pickup for anyone, agi str or int, even ranged heroes

I dont wanna argue with that but isn't the item more favorable on AGI heroes because it gives agility stats? I don't see a reason why that should be the case.

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This thread inspires me to suggest an equivalent item to Iron Shield.

Ursine Claws

Components: Toxin Claws (270g) + 2x Crushing Claws (300g) = 570 gold
Stats: 7 strength

  • On attack applies Rend for 3 seconds, removing 8 (4 to ranged wielder) Health per second and applying a 12% (4% to ranged wielder) Movement Speed Slow. This effect propagates to illusions for 33% of the duration. (doesn't stack with Toxin Claws and Icebrand's line of items)
  • Heals 4 (2 to ranged wielder) health per attacking an enemy unit.

Thought Process: this item is for aggressive wielders to trade hits or to slow down the opponent's escape.

Novice's Ring

Components: Guardian Ring (175g) + 2x Mark of the Novice (300g) = 475 gold
Stats: 2 armor + 7 intelligence
Passive: grants +2 armor for 12 seconds when casting an ability.
Build Into: Armor of the Mad Mage

Armor of the Mad Mage Proposed Changes:

  • Recipe cost is reduced to 425 gold and Novice's Ring is added as component (total cost is changed to 3300 gold).
  • Also passively grants a stacking +4 armor for 12 seconds when casting an ability, can be stacked up to 3 times.
  • Intelligence as stats is added to 22.
  • Active is changed: applies strong dispel 1.5 seconds after the activation.

Thought Process:

  • Novice's Ring is for spellcasters with gold problem to buy item in order to sustain them.
  • The change on Armor of the Mad Mage is a follow-up to the disappearance of Grimoire's strong dispel.

EDIT: On second thought, Mark of the Novice and Crushing Claws have their share of item build, more than Duck Boots as one of Iron Shield's component. So, I retract my proposed suggestion.

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